Quartz™ explosionproof on/off valve monitor

Highly reliable discrete valve monitor

Quartz™ explosionproof on/off valve monitor

The Neles Quartz discrete valve monitor is available in explosionproof (QX), nonincendive and intrinsically safe (QN), low temperature (QC) and general purpose (QG) versions. The robust epoxy coated aluminum enclosure is extremely durable and well suited for use in corrosive, heavy wash-down environments. A broad range of switches, position transmitters and communication options are available to accommodate most applications.


Switch, sensor, communication options to fit most applications

Screw-on cover allows quick enclosure access, reduces maintenance and set-up time

Touch and tune switch settings allow you to make adjustments in seconds

Visual indicator offers excellent view ability without sacrificing accessibility or adding to space requirements


  • Wide variety of switching & communication options including solid state proximity and mechanical switches as well as communication and 4-20mA continuous outputs.
  • Enclosures optimized for tough process environments
  • Rapid enclosure access
  • Quick set cams
  • Extremely compact with space saving visual indication
  • Dual shaft o-ring seals
  • The oil impregnated bronze bushing maintains smooth operation and eliminates the potential for shaft seizure due to actuator shaft eccentricity.
  • Top inner and bottom outer shaft o-rings seal the drive bushing from both external corrosives and internal contaminants


  • Automated On/Off valve applications in hazardous process environments
  • Corrosive and wash down process environment
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical process
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Agri-processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Marine and offshore


Monitor an automated on/off valve in all process areas 

The Quartz monitors and reports valve position with visual indicator and signals to the controller. 



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