Flowrox Packaged pumping systems™

Faster, simpler & safer installations

Flowrox Packaged pumping systems™

Flowrox Packaged pumping systems™ are engineered pump units equipped with simple site connections to ensure ease of installation and start-up on site. They combine Flowrox metering pumps, molded and thermoplastic welded containment skids. All packaged and tested with integral piping, auxiliaries and termination

Benefits and features


Flexible & compact mounted modular design

Floor or wall mounted


Simple installation and start-up on site

Comprehensive engineered package. Just plug & play!


Easy customization

Various integrated control options


Accurate & repeatable flow

Robust product in stable environment


Operational environmental safety

Integrated hose leak detection & wall/floor mount eliminate spills.

Comprehensive engineered packages to ensure simple start-up on site

Flowrox Packaged Pumping Systems™ are engineered pump units equipped with simple site connections to ensure ease of installation and start-up on site.

Our packaged pumping systems answer the industry demand for a compact, faster, simpler and safer installations. These pumping systems guarantee accurate and repeatable flow while reducing maintenance time and cost.

Integrated containment offers superior operational safety in aggressive chemical applications. One of the many convenient features of the Packaged pumping system is the pin connector hook up. This allows for a quick disconnect between the pump and skid mounted terminal box for control wiring, allowing the pumps to be removed for calibration or cleaning. Ease of start-up and installation on site paired with highly efficient and innovative peristaltic pumps results in a superior comprehensive Packaged pumping system.

Save time, maintenance resources and enhance safety. Just plug and play!

Flowrox packaged pumping systems

Simplex wall mount pumping system

In the picture below is a Simplex wall mount pumping system. Systems are also available as Duplex (two pumps), Triplex (three pumps) and Quad (four pumps). All customized for your process specifications.

Wherever there are metering pumps in use, Packaged pumping systems offer an advanced solution!

  • Industrial & municipal water and wastewater
  • Mining
  • Steel
  • Fertilizer
  • Cement
  • Power plants
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food and beverage
  • Various chemical processes

Flowrox simplex wall mount system

Technical specifications


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