Neles™ NE700/NP700 positioner

Excellent repeatability and accuracy in a wide range of applications

Neles NE700/NP700 positioners are designed to operate on every control valve actuator and in all industry areas. They offer a rugged construction with few parts. A small moving mass and rigid mounting provide excellent resistance to vibration. NE700/NP700 positioners provide excellent repeatability and accuracy, with either rotary or linear control valves in a wide range of applications.


Excellent vibration resistance

Stable operation

Easy and fast to calibrate

Fast response times


  • Rugged construction, few parts, small moving mass, compact design and rigid mounting provide outstanding vibration resistance.
  • Multiple pilot valve sizes are used to match positioner capacity compatibility with actuator stroke volume, minimizing response time.
  • Changes in supply pressure and valve load have minimal effect on positioner operation
  • Positioner can be set for direct or reverse-acting modes by simply turning around the changeover piece and feedback cam.



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