Neles™ SwitchGuard™ SG9000 – intelligent on/off valve controller

Reliable operation and predictive maintenance

Neles SwitchGuard is a top class intelligent on/off valve controller designed to operate on any valve actuator. Large pneumatics capacity and embedded diagnostic features enable users to guarantee the availability of their switching and high cycling valves in demanding processes.


Reliable operation and predictive maintenance

Low cost of ownership with lower installation and maintenance costs

Easy installation and configuration and easy system integration


SwitchGuard’s pneumatic capacity easily replaces any solenoid valve and other pneumatics accessories, providing a simple and reliable interface with the process control system. Programmable speed control enables adjusting the opening/closing times easily and provides trouble free long term valve operation. Diagnostic information is presented in easily understandable way to enable planned maintenance of potentially failing valve assemblies before they have chance to impact on the process.


  • High cycling on/off service
  • Process critical on/off service
  • Diagnostics for on/off valves



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