Neles™ trunnion ball valve, series D

Reliable, trouble free operation in demanding, high capacity on/off and control applications

Neles™ trunnion ball valve, series D

Neles series D trunnion mounted ball valves incorporate several decade experience of metal-to-metal seat technology. Equipped with Neles B1 series actuator and VG9000 intelligent safety solenoid the valve assembly delivers high availability in demanding safety valve applications. For control applications valves can be equipped with top of the line Neles Q-trim™ ball valve noise attenuation trim options.


High, long lasting tightness

Trouble free operation even in most demanding applications like abrasive, solids containing fluids 

Increased gas noise attenuation with Neles Q2-trim as option

Low emissions according to ISO 15848, from cryogenic to high temperatures


  • Robust, heavy duty trunnion bearings
  • Unique Stemball® construction, no backlash on stem to ball connection, anti-blowout stem
  • 2-piece split body
  • Application based seat selection options, metal-to-metal and soft seats
  • Neles Q-trim™ technology for control applications, anti-cavitation and noise attenuation
  • Latest Neles Q2-trim™ option available for gas applications
  • Low emissions according to ISO 15848, from cryogenic to high temperatures
  • Fire safe certified according to API 607
  • SIL3 certified
  • High Cv, including noise attenuations trims, which are designs self-flushing
  • Easy to maintain construction


  • ESD / ESV service (SIL 3)
  • De-pressurizing and blow down service
  • Low noise and anti-cavitation
  • Cryogenic service
  • High temperature service
  • High cycle and switching service
  • Molecular sieves
  • Solids handling
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Oil and gas production
  • Steam
  • Natural gas, LNG, LPG
  • Power plant



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