Technical information


Process networking

Standardized communication networks are linking intelligent field devices to enterprise systems to offer unparalleled benefits to the process industries. Benefits include dramatic reductions in installation costs, reduced maintenance and commissioning costs and improved process performance. FieldLink, Stonel process networking products and support services program, facilitates the implementation of your field network. The following section describes how the FieldLink program can help you implement and optimize contemporary field communication networks for your specific application.


Hazardous areas

Proper installation of Bus networks in hazardous areas is critical to fully realize cost savings and improve plant safety. The info contained below Protection Concept Quick Reference chart

The two primary factors limiting fieldbus segment length are (1) the protocol communication limits and (2) the acceptable voltage drop. Each of the network protocols has network length limits that are published in the protocol details. It is also important to consider voltage drop with these networks.


The chemical compatibility reference guide has been developed to assist you in selecting the best Stonel products and material options for your applications. While this chart should assist you in selecting compatible materials, it is not a substitute for careful testing of a specific product in your operating environment. For additional assistance please contact Stonel technical support.