Valve software

Digital tools for valve sizing, selection, drawing, support, and PID tuning

Are you looking for a valve sizing guide or support files for intelligent valve controllers? The links below give you easy access to Neles™ valve related software, support materials, and product information.

Valve and flow control software

Neles valve sizing & selection software
>>Nelprof™ software

RapidDraw3D drawing configurator
>>RapidDraw3D™ drawing application

fdtCONTAINER by M&M (replacement for DeviceCare)
>>Download fdtCONTAINER quick guide

Neles Device Type Manager files (NDX™, ND9000™, VG9000™, SG9000™ and Axiom™)
>>Neles DTM's

NelesAce™ IPCOMM software for motor current settings
>>IPCOMM software

Support files for intelligent valve controllers

>>HART 6
>>HART 7

>>Foundation fieldbus

>>Foundation fieldbus


>>Foundation fieldbus

PID tuning software (not directly downloadable) 
>>Expertune PlantTriage
>>Expertune Global Loop Optimizer SaaS
>>Expertune PID Loop Optimizer

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