Neles Easyflow™ product offering

High-performance and reliability

Neles Easyflow high-performance solutions perfectly complement our portfolio with a quality range of pre-engineered products designed for use in many standard applications and process conditions. The portfolio delivers the same high quality and attention to detail that matters most, like you always expect from Valmet. Neles Easyflow solutions offer a complete suite of products designed to work together for easy creation of automated valve assemblies, delivering reliable, high-quality performance.

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Ball valves

Butterfly valves

Limit switches

Solenoid and air operated valves

Valve services


Proven reliability

The Easyflow by Neles portfolio consists of field-proven designs that deliver the same high quality and attention to the details that matter most, like you always expect from Neles. The product family consists of actuators, valves, limit switches and solenoid valves for standard applications. They are suited for a wide variety of industries and general factory automation applications.

Universal fit

These products have been designed for easy installation, mounting, maintenance and service. Carefully carried out engineering makes them ready for service, with no additional configuration required. All needed mounting hardware is a part of each Easyflow by Neles delivery. Our actuators are designed for direct mounting onto the valve without the need for separate mounting kits.

Cost-effective solutions

The Easyflow by Neles product family has been created to provide high-quality pre-engineered valve products at a competitive price point. They are reliable and built to last, making them a cost-effective solution in all your standard applications. This applies to our rack and pinion actuators, piston-barrel linear actuators, ball valves, butterfly valves as well as the Easyflow by Neles limit switches and solenoid and air operated valves.

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