Neles ball valves.

Ball valves

Neles™ wide range of automated and manual ball valves

Neles ball valves are designed to meet the requirements of the process industries with improved process safety and efficiency. Our proven technology in design, materials and coatings enhance process reliability in the most demanding shut-off and control applications. For control applications our ball valves provide famous Q-trim™ technology for noise attenuation and cavitation prevention. A wide range of product certifications include fugitive emission, fire-safe and SIL 3.

Ball valves for demanding shut-off and control applications

Versatile and reliable

Neles ball valves are designed to deliver reliable control, on-off and emergency shutdown performance in a wide range of end use applications and customer industries, ranging from an array of pulp and paper industry applications to service in the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries. We provide both industry-leading automated ball valves and manual ball valves.

Full range of ball valves

Our ball valve offering includes trunnion mounted ball valves, top entry ball valves, seat supported ball valves, high-pressure ball valves, pocket feeder valves and full bore ball valves. We offer a range of materials and coating ranging from valves utilizing metal-to-metal seat technology to ceramic balls and PFA coated ball valves.

Metal seated ball valves

Soft seated ball valves

Automated ball valves

Manual ball valves

Ball valve offering

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Safety and sustainability

All Neles ball valves are engineered, built and tested to be both safe and sustainable. They ensure the lowest possible emissions in accordance with ISO 15848 and certified fire safety according to API 607. Our ball valves are also SIL 3 certified. Features such as the anti-blowout stem featured in many valves further improve safety.

World-class noise and cavitation reduction

Neles is well known for its industry-leading noise attenuation and cavitation eliminating technologies. Our Q-trim™ and Q2-trim™ anti-cavitation and noise attenuation technologies continue to set the standard in industrial applications. They are a feature that can help your ball valve outperform others in control applications and extend suitability into increasingly demanding heavy duty applications.

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