Butterfly valves

Comprehensive range of butterfly valves

Neles™ butterfly valves are designed to truly optimize the efficiency of process operations by offering best-in-class valve capacity. They provide long-lasting tightness and industry-leading valve reliability, certified to SIL 3. Our product range includes both metal and soft-seated and rubber-lined butterfly valves.

Butterfly valves for all applications

A butterfly valve is a rotary valve using a disc as the closure member. Butterfly valves can be either symmetric or eccentric (=offset), the latter referring to the stem being displaced from the center of the disc. Neles and Jamesbury butterfly valve offering covers concentric, double eccentric and triple eccentric designs. Thus, Jamesbury and Neles butterfly valves are a superb choice for most applications.
Neles and Jamesbury butterfly valves are available with wafer (no flanges), lugged (single flange) and double-flanged body types. This along with comparably short face-to-face dimension makes them versatile and cost-efficient solutions for a variety of on/off and control applications. Extreme tightness performance makes the butterfly valves optimal for tight shut-off on/off applications and their inherent modified equal percentage flow characteristic makes them an excellent solution for a control valve.

Neles butterfly valves

Jamesbury butterfly valves

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