capping valves

Neles capping valves improve the customer process reliability, safety and efficiency

capping valves

Neles series PZ capping valve offers a solution for automatic opening and closing of batch digester for chip fill. Capping valve increases considerably digester chip fill process efficiency and operator safety.


Neles PZ capping valve improves plant efficiency by reducing filling time by automated valve open / close operation.

Valves enable secure operation and full automation of digester chip fill process, this enables increased productivity and safety for process operators

Fast return on investment due to increased productivity and minimal need to modification on existing digester


  • Metal to metal seating offers long lasting tightness and low maintenance cost
  • PZ capping offers compact way of incorporating safety interlocks by two pressure sensors mounted on valve body to prevent unintentional valve operation when digester is pressurized
  • Valve lower flange is custom-made to match the digester top flange allowing easy installation to existing digester vessel


  • Pulping
  • Chip fill process



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