Flowrox™ slurry knife gate valves

Isolate the flow in demanding conditions

Flowrox™ slurry knife gate valves

Heavy duty slurry knife gate valve isolates flow even in the most demanding process conditions. The bi-directional flow tolerates backflow and elastomer sleeves on both sides of the gate provide tight shut off. Flowrox™ knife gate valve follows the concept of the ease of maintenance. The valve body is cast in one piece which eliminates the need for sealing between the body halves. Load distribution ring is integrated into the valve sleeves. The valve contains only two service parts; ring sleeves and secondary seal.

Benefits and features


Bi-directional flow

Bi-directional flow tolerates backflow. 100% isolation.


Free flow

Full bore enables free flow of process medium.



Wear resistant

Only the ring sleeves in contact with the process medium.


Simple to install and service

Face-to-face according to industry standards. Contains only two service parts; ring sleeves and gland packing.


No over compression during installation

Integrated load distribution ring. (SKF, SKW) Steel retaining flange is supporting the ring sleeve (SKH)

Slurry flanged knife gate valve (SKF)

Slurry flanged knife gate valves (SKF) are equipped with flanges. They isolate the flow even in the most demanding process conditions.  They contain only two service parts: ring sleeves and a secondary seal.

  • Improved performance – Integrated load distribution ring
  • Ease of maintenance  – Universal tower design
  • Simple installation – One piece body with lockout pins

Typical installations:

  •     Tailings slurry lines
  •     Slurry pump isolation
  •     Thickener feed and discharge lines
  •     Flotation isolation

The SKF valves are available in sizes DN80-600.


New design for big SKF valves

Knife gate valve actuator cylinders repositioned to the side

We have repositioned actuator cylinders to the side in bigger slurry knife gate valves over DN 900. The benefits are:

  • Significantly reduced height – Easier to install, much less empty room above the valve is required.
  • Increased safety – Installation and maintenance is not done high in the air.
  • Easier maintenance – All maintenance access points are easily accessible, only 2 meters high from the ground.

Available in sizes from DN 900 to DN 1500. They can handle pressures from 10 and down to 4 bar, depending on the size. Flange drillings PN10 or ANSI 150, others on request. The actuator can be either hydraulic or electric.

Entire valve body cast in one piece

Flowrox slurry knife gate valve body for sizes DN 900 – DN 1500 is entirely cast in one piece. This means there are no risks for leaking through the body. The new valve construction is simpler and more robust. Fewer parts also mean savings in spare part inventory and maintenance time.

SKF knife gate valve - Flowrox

Tower design fits well with smaller knife gate valves. 

BIG SKF valves open + closed

Flowrox SKF knife gate valves DN 900–1500 use a new approach. Instead of tower design, two actuator cylinders are positioned to the sides. 

Flowrox DN 1200 knife gate valve measures only 3,60 meters in a fully open position – 2 meters less than in conventional design

New design compared to traditional tower design.
Illustrated on the case of slurry knife gate valve size DN 1200. 

High pressure knife gate valve for slurries (SKH)

Isolate the flow even with 20 bar pressure

Slurry knife gate valve (SKH) is designed for higher pressures (up to 20 bar) in heavy duty purposes to isolate the flow. Just as previously presented SKW and SKF valves, SKH valves also contain only two service parts: ring sleeves and gland packing.

  • Ease of maintenance  – Universal tower design
  • Simple installation – One piece body with flushing ports

The SKH valves are available in sizes DN80–600.

Typical installations:

  •     Tailings slurry lines
  •     Slurry pump isolation
  •     High-density slurry line
  •     Ash slurry disposal


SKH knife gate valves - Flowrox

Flowrox SKH knife gate valve for higher pressures.

Technical specifications


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