Expertune Valve Performance Management

Predict and prevent valve issues

Neles™ Expertune Valve Performance Management field service detects devices, such as valves and instruments, that disturb the process to create a foundation for efficient maintenance planning and action prioritization.


Maximize reliability

Minimize unplanned downtime, extend valve life and improve valve performance.

Reduce risk

Improves health, safety and environmental results

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)

Focus maintenance resources, low cost, OpEx model

Expertune Valve Performance Management service

Valve Performance Management maximizes plant reliability by predicting and preventing valve-related issues.


  • Customized Turn-key service

- Work with your existing data and systems

- Includes all the software, services, and reporting you need

- Tracks and manages both high-level and technical KPIs

  • Shutdown Prevention Alerts
  • Prioritized Valve Repair Plan

- Shutdown Planning based on actual valve performance

- Neles' expertise applied to your valve information

  • Valve Life Extension Plan
  • Stiction Investigation and Repair Plan
  • Valve Sizing Recommendations
  • Valve Performance Training

- Learn to measure valve performance

- Learn how valve performance affects plant results

 - Valve Performance Work Flow Program

  • On-Site Investigation of Valve Issues

- Remote Consulting services

- Access to Neles' global valve experts


  • Reduce total cost of ownership

- Extend valve life: Identify sizing problems and performance issues that cause premature wear.

  • Improve Valve Performance

- Resolve issues with excessive valve movement, valve sizing, air supply, stiction, air leakage, and configuration issues.

  • Focus maintenance resources
  • Improve communication, effectiveness and safety in maintenance operations.

- Focus attention on valves that need repair, and on ensuring valves will continue to perform until the next planned shutdown.

- Make better, prioritized decisions

- Fix the right problem

- Improved shutdown planning

- Right parts and services planned in advance

- Better daily management of valve issues

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