A single equipment failure can cost thousands in lost production. We at Neles™ can help you to prevent these failures and keep your plant running at its full capacity. Well-designed maintenance planning and effective service execution ensure the safety and availability of your field devices and reduce downtime.


Plant lifecycle services

Avoid or mitigate risk while improving valve and process performance. 


Availability and performance services

Identify the preventative maintenance actions to avoid breakdowns. Have the critical valve spare parts in stock. 


Device management and maintenance services

Reduce stock value and optimize inventory. Fast and efficient installation, commissioning, and plant start-up.


Shutdown services

Ensure the correct work scope with the needed activities, materials and resources for effective execution and a smooth start-up.

Plant lifecycle services

As  your partner in reliability, Neles understands that identifying device condition and maintenance requirements can often be challenging.

We help you to create effective maintenance plans by clarifying your goals and determining the criticality of your process and equipment.

Our plant lifecycle valve services lead you through various preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance strategies.

Together, we can create a plan for you to drive safety, increase availability and optimize costs at your plant. An effective plan helps you avoid or mitigate risk while improving valve and process performance. 

Neles flow control services brochure

Shutdown services

Shutdowns are complex events requiring specialized planning and efficient execution.

An unexpected event can have an effect on materials, schedules and resources, unless you are prepared for the unexpected with the right partner and proper planning. 

With Neles on board, you will have the right partner for crucial shutdown planning to ensure the correct work scope with the needed activities, and materials and resources for effective execution and a smooth start-up.

All maintenance activities are implemented following Neles safety and quality standards and thoroughly documented. The key information can be used in future maintenance to improve safety and reliability.

Flow control services for Shutdowns and Turnarounds brochure

Availability and performance services

The challenge in keeping the level of availability and performance of a plant is to determine the right actions at the right time to prevent an unexpected shutdown. 

Based on device behaviour, you may already pay attention to the devices that are most likely to fail and have a critical impact on production.

But is this enough?

By knowing your installed base, its lifecycle, and by analyzing device condition, Neles can identify the correct preventative maintenance actions to avoid breakdowns. Having the critical valve spare parts in stock makes the service faster and maintenance smoother. 

You can also find the root causes of issues and improve the overall process performance with our advice and expertise.


Maintenance services

Neles project engineering services provide you with fast and efficient installation, commissioning and plant start-up that meets your time schedule and budget.

Our services will work with both new equipment implementation, as well as modernizing and upgrading existing parts.

A Neles engineer provides on-site supervision for predictive and preventative maintenance activities to ensure that recommended maintenance procedures have been followed and work has been completed to a safe standard.

The supervisor also helps in the coordination of service work for the specified equipment. Where necessary, the engineer can provide expert recommendations for management and maintenance of equipment.


Resident engineer service

At Neles, we understand the challenges you face to maintain your installed base of valves on a day-to-day basis.

To help ensure that you have the right resources to take the maintenance actions required for the proper functioning of valves, you should consider hiring a Resident engineer who is devoted to continuous valve oversight on a long-term basis.

By being on-site, our expert can really dig deeper into details that matter. Plus, this expert is able of get to know and bond with your team. Since we’re there continuously at your site, we can also provide suggestions to help optimize your facility.

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