Spare parts for pumps

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We manufacture and deliver spares for Flowrox™ pumps. We offer a wide selection of spare parts for peristaltic pumps (hoses, tubes, etc). We deliver also spares for other brands of PC (progressive cavity) pumps (stators, rotors, drive shafts, coupling rods, joint assemblies, bearings sets and sealings). Besides high-quality spares, analyzing, consultation services and technical support are always available.



Cost savings

Through on-time delivery of spares and services


One stop shop for pump spare parts

Spares available for Flowrox products and compatible products


Longer life cycle of pumps

Maintenance and retrofit service

Spare parts for hose pumps

  • Fast delivery and availability 24/7 for contract customers
  • Various material choices according to end-use applications
  • High quality
  • Service and spare part stocking agreements
  • Training
  • Analyzing and consultation services & technical support
  • Along with spare hoses we provide you also hose change kits, main bearings kits and rotor bearing kits.


Hoses for transfer and dosing pumps

  • Extremely abrasive mediums:  NR (Natural Rubber) -10°C – +95°C
  • Oils and fats:  NBR (Nitrile Rubber) -10°C – +95°C
  • Chemicals:  EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) -10°C – +95°C
  • Fatty foodstuffs: NBRF (Nitrile Rubber – fulfills FDA Food and Drug Administration requirements) -10°C – +95°C

Hoses for metering pumps

  • Foodstuff:  Norprene®
  • Fuel, lubricants, abrasive mediums: Tygothane®

Spare parts for progressive cavity pumps

Available replacement parts:

  • Stators
  • Rotors
  • Articulated shaft
  • Drive shaft
  • Articulated shaft kit
  • Bearing kit

We also supply spares for most commonly known progressive cavity (PC) pumps. We offer stators, rotors, drive shafts, coupling rods, joint assemblies, bearings sets and sealings for also other brands’ pumps. Spare parts are manufactured according to highest quality and environment standards.

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Spare parts for pumps

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