Control performance service

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Return your plant to optimal performance with expert digital consulting services. Our control performance service is a turn-key solution to plant performance problems and issues with poorly performing control systems.

Measure and report on performance and profitability

Monitor performance over time, and identify the controls that have a negative impact on process performance. Deliver targeted, actionable information to the right people every day.

Get to the root cause of every problem

Quickly identify the root cause of poor control. Recommend corrective actions to repair, upgrade, tune, adjust setpoints, or change strategy.

Prioritize corrective actions

Prioritize corrective actions to the areas that have the most significant impact on production efficiency, where economic value is greatest, and where you will get the fastest economic payback.

Sustain performance

Continuously monitor the plant and immediately recommend corrective actions to sustain plant performance.  Track and monitor business KPIs and technical index for optimal operation.

Performance issues are costing you money

A typical plant is losing millions annually from poorly-performing control systems.  Typically, 20-30% of controls are in manual mode.  Up to 85% of control loops have sub-optimal settings.  20-40% of controllers are oscillating, adding to plant variability, and hurting reliability.  With so many issues, it can be hard to monitor, prioritize, and resolve issues.  Control Performance Service provides a turn-key solution to these problems.

Success Case: Control Performance

Mondi Syktyvkar plant has become the first Russian pulp and paper enterprise to implement the PlantTriage software system, which has delivered a significant reduction in the consumption of chemicals and the rapid identification of production bottlenecks.

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